Red Wine Book Club

Reading is like white water rafting: In the thrill of the waves, it is good to have a guide and a group with which to share the experience.

October 6, 2011

#38 - The American West - Fall 2011 & Winter-Spring 2012

Still awaiting session description from Kami

September 22 September 29 - Ann A.
All the Pretty Horses (The Border Trilogy, Book 1)
- Cormac McCarthy


November 10 - Mary
Guest Professor - Margaux Wexberg Sanchez
Shards: A Novel
by Ismet Prcic

December 8 Wednesday, December 7 (Christmas Party) - Kathy
The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror
by Christopher Moore


Thursday, February 9 - Alanna
Zeke and Ned
by Larry McMurtry

March 29 - Marty
Bird Cloud: A Memoir of Place
by Annie Proulx
[256 pages, Kindle & Audible available]

April 26 - Sharon
Riders of the Purple Sage
by Zane Grey
[206 pages, Kindle & Audible available]

May 24 - Ann G
The Fruit of Stone
by Mark Spragg
[304 pages, Kindle & Audible]