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Reading is like white water rafting: In the thrill of the waves, it is good to have a guide and a group with which to share the experience.

October 4, 2013

Book Selection / Book Discussion Resources

For Selecting Series Topics & Books

Choosing Books from
Popular Fiction vs Literary Fiction (plot driven vs character driven) from NPR

Kathy? Any resources you've found that are especially good?

For Leading a Book Discussion - General

Good questions for Fiction & Non-Fiction from
How to create a DIY Discussion Guide

How to Lead a Book Club Discussion from
Moderating Meetings from

What else? Let me know, I'll add to the list

For Leading a Book Discussion - Specific Books

Check the publisher - many have discussion questions, even author interaction
Check the author's website -
Check the reviews/comments on
St. Louis County Library offers discussion kits

What else? Ditto

For Reading Mindfully to Participate in a Discussion

Read-Think-Talk from

What else? Ditto


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